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A message from the Principal May 2015

Michael Rathborne


The past twelve months has borne witness to some significant change at Uralla Central School. One of those changes has been my own appointment to lead the school. We have in that time embarked upon a number of innovative arrangements to strengthen the structure of the school to ensure that we are continually evaluating what we do and how we do it. The purpose of this is to create a culture where each and every member of the school is continually improving and then none of us is standing still in the mistaken belief that we cannot get better. We can provide facilities and opportunities but in the end the willingness to accept these is the choice of each individual. As always I urge all members of our community to aspire to this belief of self-betterment and to display compassion, dignity and humanity in all that they do. As Uralla men and women we should always stand tall and walk proud.